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International Relocation

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If you are looking to move your home or office to new country? Then you must be ready to face challenges in moving your goods from one country to another country. You must have a plan to hire a professional packers and movers company. Look that company have a good experience in international moving in last 5-10 years. We Ghar Packers and Movers are professional in international relocation without any hassle. We make your relocation smooth and reliable, you will be experiencing the best move ever. We take care of all the things required for international moving like id proof, legal documents and house resettlement matters. Here are some important points to be noticed while relocating to new country i.e (Complete Documents, Be Prepared for some major changes in life, Do some research about the city before moving, Money is more impoertant).

Ghar Packers and Movers team work in a systematic manner so that your international move works smoothly and secured. We uses our latest technology, premium packaging material, and quality worker for international relocation. To make hassle-free move we work hard and smart with our professional worker so that your goods reaches safely without any hassle. Our strong network with international compaines helps us to move your goods smoothly to any country around the world. Strong network with professional companies makes us a best in internation relocation around the globe.

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Packing Material used for Packing and Moving your Goods

Premium Packing Materials Used for Household Relocation

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Specialty Boxes
  • Bubble Wraps
  • Wrapping Foam
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Box Lables
  • Moving Blankets
  • Packing Tapes
  • Mattress Bags
  • Movers Stretch Wraps
  • Cutters and Scissors
  • Corgurated Sheet
  • Thermocol Sheet
  • Stretch Firms
  • Major Factors of International Moving Cost :

    1) Moving Cost

    Hiring an International Moving Company will charge you biggest single expense youll ever face to move your goods from one country to another country. Moving cost depends on the few factors:

    Goods Quantity:

    If more the goods quantity more the moving cost it will be. The goods is measured both in weight and volume of the box. The price can be reduced by removing the unwanted goods from your move, it will decrease your moving cost.

    Distance between two countries:

    More the distance more it will be costing you. Moving cost depends on distance covered between two countries.


    Some locations are quite slient and some are rare for moving. If the location between India and Canada is very common route for every moving company so prices are less. But location between India and Africa or some rare location, transporting is very difficult so cost will be increased.

    2) Transportation Cost

    Transportation cost depends on the transportation method. What transport mode you choose plays the major factor on your total moving cost. Transportation Mode:


    Trucks is one of the best option which most of the clients prefer for their move.

    Sea Freight:

    Sea Freight is one of the cheapest method to move your goods.


    By air is one of the most expensive method to move your goods, but it is the fastest way to move your goods.

    3) Insurance Cost:

    Make sure you insured your goods with packers and movers company. Check what insurance does cover or does not cover of goods. If you moving your goods with sea then make sure you have maritime insurance policy.

    4) Custom Duty Charges and Taxes:

    Another moving cost you must look for is custom duty and taxes charged by another country. Many countries allows most goods to duty-free taxes on household goods. Custom duty charges are based on the goods to be moved to another country.

    5) Other Cost:

    Moving to a new country means packaging must be premium and worker must be professional. Packing your goods in a professional manner plays a major role that your goods are safe or not. Packing and Unpacking goods costs less as you think. Total cost is for your international is provide including all the factors that are mention above. Cost may changed depends on the methods used for moving.

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